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Take virus, malware and even nuisance Windows issue removal for instance. Not too long ago I solved the 2016 problem of getting the constant “Free Upgrade to Windows 10” message which demanded that you “Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free”. That link takes you to a post I wrote giving you the cure. Now it’s no longer relevant as Windows has taken that notification away and stopped forcing people to upgrade, but for the time being anyway (as of early August 2016) you still can choose for yourself whether or not to upgrade free with a valid license key (located on a sticker-tag attached to the outside of your computer).

Most people call a computer related company (rather than buy a new computer) in order to have malware removed, but did you know that almost universally these companies (I know, I worked for a few) allow employees 15 minutes to diagnose and fix what’s wrong with a computer and if they can’t they have to blow it out and reinstall the whole thing from scratch? They’ll also charge you the same as if they spent hours working on it before “finally” giving up and reinstalling.

What’s different about Brooksville Computer and Why it’s Just Better:

After graduation from Anthem College / CHUBB Technical Institute in 2000 I created disk images of my operating system and then purposely infected my computer over and over again by visiting known virus and malware infested sites. Each time I did I’d record what data I could during the initial phases of how the infection was delivered to my system and then what the infection was doing. Afterwards I worked on ways to remove the infection using various programs and also my own knowledge of how the offending malware, spyware, hacker programs and viruses were attempting to gain and allow access to my computer to and from the internet. I carried out this procedure for two years, multiple times per week, often spending 3 days at a time working on how to fix it more quickly and more thoroughly than the previous time, before restoring the original disk image backup to its initial pristine condition. Each time I learned one set of tricks, I’d infect the system with a new threat, and again record the results and see what I could do to block it from happening again manually – without malware removers or anti-virus.

I Run a Windows Computer Yet Don’t Have Any Antivirus Installed – And Haven’t Since 2002.

Why no malware removers or anti-virus you ask?

The reason is that no anti-virus is perfect. And even running multiple antivirus programs at once, some viruses still get through. They all fail at some point to protect a computer’s Windows operating system. I still do the same manual removal procedures today, but the difference is that I occasionally use several virus and malware scanning tools to check my own PC’s health, but it always turns up clean – because I know exactly what I’m doing and how to do things safely on my own computer, and that’s why my advice to you when you hire me should be taken strongly into consideration.

My proprietary company secrets are tried and true and include things I learned by accident experimenting in the days of DOS. While much of the rest of the industry is guided by the 15 minute rule of “if you can’t fix it in 15 minutes, erase everything from the hard drive and re-install Windows” Brooksville Computer is guided by deep understanding, experience and technical expertise.


As the owner of Brooksville Computer I haven’t wasted time between jobs waiting for calls and learning nothing. Aside from Responsive Website Design & Search Engine Optimization, PayPal and eBay Store Setups and Training, Photography, Graphics, Servicing Home & Business Computers, Routers and Networks, Product Photography, Lighting, Sound Recording and Videography and Video Editing. Brooksville Computer even does cross site banner advertising from it’s server. All web, SEO, product photography and video services are tailored to meet the most current demands of Google. Here’s one of just a few recent company videos I created:

Today’s Businesses are More Than Ever The Focused on Responsive Website Design and Being Found on Page One in Google Without Paying for Clicks.

Brooksville Computer isn’t just in the business of maintaining server and network infrastructures to keep businesses in the business, but of helping to grow businesses beyond their present bound by leveraging the power Google and the world wide web.

Servicing Home & Business PCs, Routers and Networks in Hernando, Pasco, Citrus and Sumter


My company will work hard to save your current operating system and all of your current settings if at all possible, and do anything it takes to get your current operating system back in action. Only as a final resort will wiping out the contents of the hard drive and the operating system become necessary. (In either case, your documents are safely backed up before work is performed). That’s YOUR valuable time and effort re-creating those settings. You have spent a long time working on your computer, months, maybe even years settling in and making your computer unique just to you: Where did you download that favorite screensaver? …the disk for a little program you love so much is lost and probably never to be found – don’t you want to save that? … Your picture archive is spread out from your Windows folder to your recent downloads as well as being in your My Documents folder etc., all uniquely yours… – Just image all the time you will be saved by calling a real professional and avoiding the “20 minutes to try to solve a problem, then put in a disk and click “next”, “next”, “next” Click Here for Picture cure all non-professionals or phony-professionals resort to immediately. Just imagine the months and the countless hours that you will save again making your computer the way you want it to be. You deserve a true and caring professional who has taken the time to learn how to stop the bad things that are happening, how to restore the computer to good working order and then how to optimize its performance so that it’s faster than it was before. Imagine being shown how you can take control over your computer again – better this time – with more knowledge than you had before and not reacting angrily out of frustration when bad things seemed to happen all by themselves. My company will also apply all security patches and firewall settings needed to provide you with the latest protection. That’s my professional promise to you.

Professional Business Networking (and network computer maintenance) is and always has been the core of my business. Because of this, the home user gains the expertise of having someone (myself) who has had to deal with dozens of computers at a time on a daily basis, not just three or four at a time. The networking aspect of the home user is not quite the same thing as it is in a corporation where there is a network server and where the computers join a domain (with a Domain Controller, File Server, Application Server, DHCP server, Time Server, Active Directory, FTP and IIS Server etc.) but things like wireless security configuration still remain important to be done right. Imagine what would happen if your wireless network were to be incorrectly installed and you were to begin providing free internet access to everyone within range of your house – giving them not only free internet access, but access to the computers on your own private home network as well, because that’s exactly will happen. Now imagine that according to Murphy’s Law, that whatever the worst things that can go will go wrong comes true in your case and the people using your connection download from sites they should not be downloading from, or hack into other peoples computers from your internet connection and it all gets blamed on – who? News at 11:00.

For an affordable web presence solution click on any of the example sites designed by Brooksville Computer below. To see what options are available for you, open “web-publishing”.

Family Computer Problems and Why They Happen

For the past several years I have been teaching computer to home users and prior to that, to people who are blind. What I find astonishing is just how much, and how little average people know or understand about computers. Some know virtually nothing at all, and admit it, and some have taken classes on how to build a computer and have actually put together top notch super-fast computers with all the latest hardware. They know the speeds and specifications of 20 processors, 15 mother-boards, 10 video cards and can recite all of the different memory types – but they don’t know how to re-install a lost video driver or stop ten Trojans and worms from entering their computer per day. What’s worse, they don’t see it as a problem that so many hacker viruses and worms are getting through to their computer to begin with. The Anti-Virus is the last measure of defense, not the first. Imagine what will happen when the Trojan gets installed that will disable the anti-virus (when, not if), and there is absolutely nothing to stop the rest of them from entering, non-stop. The result will be great hardware and lots of memory for the viruses to use to super-reproduce themselves on at super-high speeds and have a super good time doing it.

Many people are neither super computer builders or owners, and they are also not total novices using a computer. Instead they fall somewhere in between. They may be very good at certain applications (programs like Word, Excel, Photoshop etc.) but have limited knowledge of the technical end of computing processes used by the system. Some either pretend to know far more than they do (I suppose to prevent themselves from being robbed by an unscrupulous computer service person) or they have a fair understanding of what they do and do not know and are honest with it. Rest at ease that I am not going to rob you for some service I perform. My price structure is more than competitive.

In some cases my company has visited clients homes worked on computers for hours without being able to resolve a network problem involving AOL – and nothing works. The service charge for such a house call? Zero. That’s right. Imagine that. Imagine calling a company that drives out to your home, works for three or four hours with you and charges you nothing at all. That’s right. You bet. Brooksville Computer charges you not for time, and not for effort, but for results.

I place a lot of emphasis on network security, but don’t have much faith in the “one program does it all” internet security programs I see on the market. Total Internet Firewall/Spam-Killer/Pop-up Blocker/Virus Scanner products just aren’t programmed well enough in each of their many areas to allow you to easily control (or in some cases to control at all) what processes it automates “in your best interest” as a non-technical user.

That’s why I strongly recommend that tools be purchased based on efficiency and ease of use and installed separately – Anti-virus, Pop-up Stopper, Spam Killer, Firewall etc. This makes much more sense than the “bundled” approach. Think about the utilities in your kitchen. Have you ever had or do you presently have one of those handy dandy ten in one can-opener, potato parer, cork screw, zest cutting knife, bottle opener, fruit ball maker, nut cracker, fish scaling tools? Is it any good? Or is the best thing you have to say about it is “Oh it’s all bundled together and it only costs a dollar”. Such a thing is fascinating but to the career professional, it’s cumbersome, much too time consuming, inexact and largely useless.